Chargetrip operates an extensive database of EV makes, editions, and versions, each with their specific consumption models. These advanced consumption models take into account properties like the drag coefficient and rolling resistance in relation to your speed, elevation, charging speed, charging temperature, battery temperature etc. Additionally, each vehicle model includes vehicle specifications and images to be used in the front end. When requesting a route, the ID of a vehicle must be included, and the associated consumption model will be applied to the routing engine.

Database options

The vehicle database can only be modified by Chargetrip. New vehicles are added as soon as the OEM specifications are released, which tends to happen months before a release. We currently have undefined EV Models in the database. A list of all supported vehicles can be found by using the vehicleList query. Data for a specific model can be retrieved using the vehicle query. There is also a vehiclePremium query which contains more premium vehicle data. Please contact us for more information about premium data.


The Playground includes twelve test vehicles. Create an x-client-id and x-app-id to get access to all electric vehicles. To include hybrids and customize the vehicle database further, a premium tier is required. Contact sales to upgrade.

The table below lists all the supported upcoming vehicles sorted by make. When using the API use the name or id of the vehicle to query for specific details. Please contact us if there is a vehicle missing from the database.