Query stations around a GeoJSON point

With the query stationsAround you can fetch the stations around a GeoJSON point with a specific distance in meters. This can be useful when a station is busy, or when you want to provide several charging options.

Query stations around

Fetch the 20 closest stations around a GeoJSON location and plot them on a map.

Query stations around


Query stations around a certain location by passing some coordinates into the stationAround query. Optionally add some filters or maintain performance by including pagination.


When querying a station around a GeoJSON location you need to set the location and distance on the filter argument. Optionally you can set power and amenities.


To limit your results and improve the performance you can use pagination on your query.


query StationAroundQuery


Deprecated: Replaced by filter and search params

filter StationAroundFilter

Filter station around result

size Int

Number of elements (count) to return, default: 10

page Int

Page number to return, default: 0

Frequently used fields

id ID

Unique ID of a station

Other fields

review ReviewStats

Review of a station

country_code String

ISO-3166 alpha-2 country code of a station

party_id String

CPO ID of a CPO that 'owns' this station (following the ISO-15118 standard)

publish Boolean

Defines if a location may be published on a website or app etc. When this is set to false, only tokens identified in the field: publish_allowed_to are allowed to show this location. When the same location has EVSEs that may be published and may not be published, two 'locations' should be created

name String

Name of a charging station

address String

Street/block name and house number if available

city String

City or town

postal_code String

Postal code of a location, may only be omitted when a location has no postal code: in some countries charging locations at highways don’t have postal codes.

state String

State or province of a location, only to be used when relevant

country String

ISO 3166-1 alpha-3 code for the country of this station

coordinates OCPIGeoLocation

Coordinates of a location

parking_type OCPIParkingType

Type of parking at a charge point location

Show OCPIParkingType enum values

evses EVSE

EVSEs that belong to a station

directions OCPIDisplayText

Human-readable directions on how to reach a station

operator Operator

Information about an operator