Query station statistics

The stationStats query provides you with the ability to query information about your database.This endpoint gives you an overview of what amenities, powertypes or standards are available.


The query is pretty straight-forward and doesn't require any setup. Just select the attributes you need and you are good to go.

Frequently used fields

standards StandardStats

Stations count grouped by standards

amenities AmenityStats

Stations count grouped by amenities

Other fields

power PowerStats

Stations count grouped by power


A response can either contain a data or an errors object. The response header will always return 200 as a status code.

Data object

When successful, a data object will be returned with the requested fields. If there are no fields present the data object will return the operation name with the appropriate return type. If the operation was a query, this output will be an object of the schema’s query root type; if the operation was a mutation, this output will be an object of the schema’s mutation root type.

Error object

If unsuccessful, an errors object will be returned with more details in the extensions object. The error object can contain any of the following objects.