Query route emissions

To receive data about the emissions of a planned route, use the routeEmissions query. It provides information on the embedded, operational and, end_of_life emissions. The data is available for the vehicle used on the route and an internal combustion engine equivalent.


A route_id is required to get routeEmissions data. Create a route_id by using the newRoute mutation as described here. Optionally, use the route_alternative_id to receive the emissions of an alternative route.

The routeEmissions query is currently released as a beta product and thus experimental. Anything within the emissions query may change, break, or disappear at any time. As long as the feature is in beta, it is free of charge.


route_id ID


ID of the route for which we retrieve the emissions profile.

route_alternative_id ID

ID of the route alternative for which we retrieve the emissions profile. If not provided, we will retrieve the recommended alternative.

Frequently used fields

route_vehicle RouteVehicleEmissions

Emissions profile for the vehicle used in route.