Mutate to use preferred operators while routing

Operators are different. Think about payment methods, locations, charger experience. To take care of this, operators can be ranked and excluded. Either in the dashboard or in the API. In this example, the API approach will be demonstrated.

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Steps to take

  1. Plotting a route with preferred operators starts by executing the newRoute mutation. This mutation requires information about the car, origin and destination. To use preferred operators the operators argument needs to be configured. The type needs to be set as well as the ranking or excluding. After the mutation is finished executing a route id will be returned.
  2. This id can be used to request route updates through the routeUpdatedById subscription. This subscription receives dynamic updates.
  3. After the subscription returns done as status, a route with preferred operators will be returned. If there are no operator preferred stations available it will fallback on stations from other operators. If all stations on a segment are excluded a route can fail to compute. The polyline and legs object can be used to display the route and charge stations on the map. Additional data such as distance, duration and consumption are also available.

Next steps

To take routes a step further, elevation plots and dynamic variables will be introduced. Let's head over to that.