Integrator FAQ

We always try to explain our features and functionalities in as much detail as possible. But sometimes we still get questions from developers. That's why we decided to answer the most frequently asked questions in this section, and hopefully help you out!


Is it possible to reduce the image file size?

Do you recommend using the chargetripRange field instead of WLTP?

What is the difference between car and carPremium?


Can I see alternative stations along a planned route?

Do you also show the station ID from the station database provider?

What do you define as slow, fast, and turbochargers?

Why is the availability UNKNOWN?

Why do you only consider fast and turbochargers in your routing?

Which connector types are available?

Do you have different levels of preferred operators?

Why do I not see the name of my company’s (CPO) charging stations?


Can I show alternative routes?

How do I share a route calculated with the Chargetrip API to a navigation application?

Is it possible to avoid toll roads when requesting a route?

Can I add a waypoint to my route?

Do you recommend using a subscription or a query for routes?

Do you account for traffic in your route calculations?

Tile Service

Can I build an MVP without using Chargetrip’s tile server? We don’t want to use Mapbox.

How do I filter stations?