Using your Telemetry Data

Telemetry data is real-time vehicle data. You can transmit this data automatically to Chargetrip Connect so we can use it in our routing engine. If you don't have your own source of telemetry data, you can opt to use a Connected Car Data platform. Read more about connected car data here.

Chargetrip uses telemetry data to plan initial routes, update routes and provide directions for a turn-by-turn UI. It can also be used to return custom values for your app, like displaying the parked location of your vehicle or the charging state. The data you send is often specific to your use case and the vehicle make and model. Not every car transmits the same arguments with the same heartbeat, and not every use case needs extensive telemetry arguments. Highly accurate consumption predictions and routes can already be achieved by only sending the state_of_charge, the power and position lat, long. For best results, we recommend a heartbeat of 5s. Generally, the higher the frequency of data, the better the result.

Telemetry data overview

With Telemetry data, we can route your vehicles with increased accuracy and improve our consumption predictions over time. Typical telemetry data includes the vehicles' location, the State of Charge and whether or not a vehicle is charging. Many more telemetry arguments can be transmitted for even better accuracy. Below is a table with our preferred telemetry arguments. Because the type of supported telemetry data depends on the make and model, Chargetrip Connect is built with flexibility and customization in mind. Contact to learn about customization options.

Argument Description
aux_power Auxiliary power consumption [kW]
battery_current Battery current [A]
battery_temp Battery temperature [°C]
battery_voltage Battery voltage [V]
is_charging Is the vehicle currently charging
charge_speed Rate of charge [kW] or [km/hr]
charge_total Amount charged [%] or [kWh]
current_weight Weight of the vehicle in addition to the curb weight [g]
elevation Current elevation [m]
heading Current heading [°]
lat Current latitude [°]
long Current longitude [°]
motor_rpm RPM of the motor
occupants Pax present in the vehicle
odometer Mileage or Odometer reading [km]
outside_temp Outside temperature [°C]
is_parked Vehicle is in P/N or turned off.
power Positive or negative output/input power [kW]
state_of_charge Battery state of Charge [%] or [kWh]
tire_pressure Average tire pressure of all wheels [Bar]
utc Epoch (UTC) in seconds [s]
vehicle_speed Vehicle speed [kmph]
custom Custom input fields can be added based on telemetry architecture